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With its experienced team Markart successfully provides accounting, bookkeeping and tax advisory services since 1998. Regardless of whether we have made a tailored financial report or cooperation in English or German, our clients receive a quality service tailored to their needs. We also use innovative methods of counseling and training that have been of great help to our clients, and may also be yours.

Our clients come from Austria, Germany, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Switzerland, Denmark, Ireland, Romania and of course Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is a subsidiary of the companies of famous world producers of building materials, tools, medicines, as well as companies dealing with trade, housing construction, freight forwarding services, brokerage services, lawyer services, healthcare services, education, marketing, auditing, bookkeeping Software applications etc.

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Tax System of Bosnia and Herzegovina

In the most general sense, it can be said that the tax is the instrument that the state collects the funds needed to finance state needs (state apparatus financing, education …

Business Administration

With impatience, we expect the time when business entities in the appropriate institutions can easily register for a few days. In some media, they announce this as a reality, and …


Accounting is the art of interpretation, measurement and linking of the results of economic activities. Accounting has always been called the business language. Expressions such as assets, liabilities, net income, …

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